Duck Duck Gray Duck

While the rest of the nation plays “Duck, Duck, Goose”, Minnesotans have always played “Duck,Duck, Gray Duck”.

It was that same mentality -- going against the norm -- that created Gray Duck Vodka. Gray Duck is a great-tasting, top-shelf vodka that is Five Column Distilled, then carbon filtered to give a clean, smooth finish! We also keep things entirely homegrown, from harvest to bottling.

As Midwesterners, we have the same pride in supporting community bars and farms that you do. That’s why we distribute to places you’re already gathering: we meet you where you are. No matter where you call home - the cabin, your local bar, your own backyard - Gray Duck will be there.

No matter which way you play, you're never too old for a good time.

This Gluten Free Vodka is made from 100% Minnesota Corn from family farms.